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A crowdsourced security management bot that uses machine learning

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SpyChain Corporate CANADA
Since 2016

Turning speech and text into actionable data for security applications.
SpyChain is part of a new start-up venture headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
We live in an increasingly unsafe world. Crime, drugs and terrorism related incidents are growing and law enforcement and governments round the world are unable to keep us safe as we go about our day to day lives. As communities, we owe it to ourselves to do everything in our power to keep ourselves and others like us safe from harm.

Leveraging CogniFrame's cloud-based Machine Learning backend, SpyChain is able to patternize and intelligently predict security hot spots. More than just a reporting tool, SpyChain is an intelligent bot that learns from every security report it receives. Our Web Portal provides post-event and location-based summaries which provide aggregate security reports for further analysis. Its goal is crime prevention. It provides communities around the world the information they need to stay safe and secure.

At SpyChain we are building out cognitive solutions for a more secure future!

Spychain has also appeared in BizBash

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Be Anonymous, Stay Secure.

Our Services

The SpyChain Bot is available worldwide.

Campus Security

We are streamlining security
for school campuses across the world. Campus security is becoming increasingly challenging; SpyChain offers modern solutions.

Event Ready

From sports games to concerts
we can provide coverage for events of all types. Get instant access to geo-based security alerts and post-event summaries.

Easy to use

No installation required. Works on any desktop/mobile platform with a data or internet connection, only requires a Facebook Messenger account.

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Support : info@cogniframe.com

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